About me

What I do

I combine science and art
I am a medical illustrator and animator. My passion lies in the creation of medical artwork, both static pieces and dynamic animations, for the purpose of communication and education. I also enjoy doing creative design projects that are not biomedical related. Have a look at my portfolio to see samples my work.

How it all started

a bit about my background

I completed my Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree at the University of Toronto, specializing in Human Biology: Health & Disease. My interest in art began at a very young age, however with the sciences also being a passion of mine, I decided to follow an academic career focused on the medical sciences. It wasn't until my third year in university that I had discovered the graduate program of Biomedical Communications (MScBMC), also offered at the University of Toronto. Becoming a graduate student of the BMC program was a milestone in my life. The pedagogical tools that were provided allowed me to further develop my passion for art and design, as well as allowing me to explore creative opportunities for communicating medical knowledge.